The Resurrection Range

Resurrection FFP Riflescope - 4-14x44

Resurrection FFP Riflescope - 4-14x44Resurrection FFP Riflescope - 4-14x44

As the smaller brother in the Resurrection FFP Scope range, this version features all the family traits, such as side focus, lockable turrets, detachable sunshade, and first focal plane. It also has the bicolour, five-level, illuminated reticle.

The difference is that this model is a smaller and more lightweight scope. It has a length of 34cm and an objective lens of 44mm in diameter. The magnification is 4 to 14.

Resurrection FFP Riflescope - 6-24x50

Resurrection FFP Riflescope - 6-24x50Resurrection FFP Riflescope - 6-24x50

At 37.5cm long, and with an objective lens measuring 50mm, the Resurrection FFP Scope really is a king among rifle scopes. This top-of-the-range, side-focus scope features lockable target-style turrets, which allow easy adjustment for those extra-long-range shots. They remain securely locked in place, so you can be confident your rifle stays aligned between shots.

Recoil resistant, shockproof, and waterproof, this Resurrection Scope is a firearm-rated piece of equipment. This is a first focal plane (FFP) scope: as the magnification level is adjusted, the image and the reticle maintain the same proportional relationship to one another.

Another great feature of this scope is the bicolour illuminated reticle. There are five levels of illumination, and there’s a choice of red or green reticle, depending on the landscape and lighting levels. The scope comes with its own detachable sunshade.

Resurrection Riflescope - 3-9x40

Resurrection Riflescope - 3-9x40Resurrection Riflescope - 3-9x40

Although this is our entry level scope, it still has all the premium features and quality you expect from a London Armoury product.

This hard-wearing and rather elegant scope is made from black anodised aluminium, which is durable, yet decorative and pleasantly textured.

With standard turrets for precise alignment, adjustable objective lens for a crystal-clear image at any distance, and magnification of 3 to 9 times, this 32.5cm-long scope is a superb piece of equipment.

Resurrection Riflescope - 4-16x50

Resurrection Riflescope - 4-16x50Resurrection Riflescope - 4-16x50

This top-quality 4-16x50 Riflescope from London Armoury features uncapped, target-style turrets, which can be easily adjusted for perfect alignment. The adjustable objective lens provides a crystal-clear image at any distance.

This beautifully formed piece of kit has a total length of 36cm and is made from anodised aluminium.

Resurrection Riflecope Extra Compact - 3-9x40

Resurrection Riflecope Extra Compact - 3-9x40Resurrection Riflecope Extra Compact - 3-9x40

At just 24cm long, the Extra Compact is a little scope that’s big on features. The 3-9 times magnification it provides is ideal for field work, and this is further enhanced by the sturdy turret caps, which give you the confidence of knowing your alignment is secure.

The 40mm adjustable objective lens provides a bright, crisp image at any distance from 10 metres to infinity, whilst the compact overall dimensions keep the weight closer to the shooter, enabling a more stable platform, no matter your weapon.

Resurrection Moderator - ½" UNF

Resurrection Moderator - ½" UNFResurrection Moderator - ½

This black aluminium moderator is designed and manufactured specifically for London Armoury’s Resurrection Range of rifles. Fitted with a ½ inch UNF thread, this top-quality piece of equipment fits perfectly into the end of your rifle’s barrel to significantly reduce the noise. This effective silencer will certainly add value to your hunting experience.

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